Essay On Pyramids Of Giza

The Great Pyramids Many people may ask what are the Great Pyramids and why are they around.They are simply large stones weighing tons that make a triangle. The people were also sailors so they were smarter than a lot of people give them credit for.

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Works Cited “Building the Great Pyramids of Cheops.” Science and its Times Ed.

- Outline Worksheet Introduction ATTENTION GETTER: Video viewing most of the tourist attractions in Egypt.

After Khufu, also known as Cleops- the pharaoh which the Great Pyramid was build for became pharaoh one of his first acts was to limit the growing power of the priesthood.

He “shut up all the temples and forbade sacrifices”.

Also they are thought to be a tomb for the pharaoh when he passed away. They have been standing for ages even through the many sand storms. (Kallen 12) The main reason why the pyramids go with the culture is because the pharaoh. After they were built people just left them to stand.

Essay On Pyramids Of Giza

They people thought the pyramids would help the pharaoh cross over to the next life. It is said that the pharaoh had them built for the purpose of him gaining the after life.

Indentured slaves then stacked these blocks of limestone layer by layer until the Pyramid was completed.

Now, this is a theory of how it was constructed, but my question is: How does one get down from so high up on a seemingly tri-angular flat surface?

Like most people he wanted to live forever so he had the slaves build them for him.

He wasn’t the only one though that is said to have a tomb in the pyramids There is a king’s chamber, grand gallery, queen’s chamber, and an escape shaft for the workers that placed the granite plugs.


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