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At the same time, today, Lexus faces the problem of the steady decline in the automotive industry, which affects the premium segment of the market as well.

Although the impact of the economic recession on the luxurious cars market is lower compared to other vehicles, Lexus is still facing the problem of the decline of sales.

In actuality, the promotional strategies are appropriate for the target market.

In the current situation, Lexus should focus on the promotion of its products through the use of contemporary media.

On analyzing the promotional strategy used by Lexus, it is important to dwell upon the major components of promotion mix used by the company to promote its products and to reach the target customer group.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that Lexus operates in the luxury car industry and attempts to take the leading position in the industry and to enhance its competitive position in the market.In this regard, such companies as Lexus need to conduct their promotion carefully to promote their products and to reach the target customer group.In fact, the company is very concerned with the promotion of its products but Lexus has to reach its target customer group and to provide customers with luxurious cars.In this regard, television provides Lexus with the broad audience but the company still fails to reach the target customer group specifically.In such a situation, internet is a good alternative to enhance the position of the company in the market.At the same time, the promotion should be enhanced by the formation of positive public relations of the company.In fact, the company should develop positive company-customer relationships.In such a context, the company needs to promote its products to reach the target customer group and to focus on the effective promotion tools, which can attract the attention of customers, who represent the upper classes of the society and are accustomed to luxurious vehicles.Therefore, the promotional campaign conducted by Lexus should focus on the effective advertising and development of positive public relations, which contribute to the formation of the positive company-customer relationships, improve its public image and brand image, and stimulate to attract its customers.In addition, internet is effective tool, which can back up advertising on television.Along with advertising, the company uses the public relations to enhance its position in the market and to attract customers to its products.


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