Essay On Listening To Elders

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She sat down with the Counsellor around the wooden table in the kitchen, the noise of the washing machine in the background.

She started telling him, “My husband built this house over fifty years ago.

All she really knows is that she longs for the comfort and familiarity of life at home.

Older people often have the experience of being listened to but “not being heard.” This may happen because they have a disability which makes it difficult to speak or to be understood, because they are in a wheelchair, or because they have some memory loss or other cognitive impairment.

Back then, we were in the middle of fields and farms.” When the Counsellor asked about moving, an almost imperceptibly sad look came over her face and she started telling another story.

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Finally the Counsellor said, “Ethel, when I ask you about moving, you look really sad.We listen accurately when we give someone the chance to tell us all they need to about what concerns them.That means understanding what it is like for them, what they are really thinking and feeling.The ramification is often that the physical or emotional (or both) condition of the older person will worsen.Accurate listening is a simple and yet difficult skill.Her doctor tells her she is depressed, but she doesn’t think so.Her daughters don’t know what to do, and when she’s asked, she admits that she doesn’t know either.90 year old Mary has lived in her assisted living residence for two years.She was admitted directly from hospital, after having fractured her hip.He notices she lights up when she talks about her art and music.He tells her that it seems like she feels happy when she thinks of her past, but the feeling seems to disappears when she thinks about her life now. Diamond Geriatrics was hired to help 85 year old Ethel move from her home of fifty years.


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