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And of course, when you tire of the pomp and glamour of the festival, there are plenty of picturesque beaches for you to explore and bask in.

And of course, when you tire of the pomp and glamour of the festival, there are plenty of picturesque beaches for you to explore and bask in.

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So, if you want a glimpse of your favorite A-list stars and filmmakers, try to visit France in May and head over to the south of France.

Though the event itself is by-invitation only, those who aren’t about to walk the red carpet still flock at Cannes to hobnob with A-listers and big names such as Matt Damon, Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Steven Spielberg and many more.

Kicking off the season is the Seine-side holiday where the mayor brings the seaside to the city.

Sand and palm trees are shipped in and deckchairs are everywhere offering a convenient beach getaway for the French and tourists—all in the heart of Paris!

Tourists can expect various shows and concerts including open-air performances, theatrical events and yes, even circuses. This festival dates back to 1860 and features performances which are shown in an impressive ancient Roman theater serving as backdrop, and complemented by an acoustic stage.

The Tour de France has been an annual event since 1903 and was only cancelled during the World Wars.

Numerous films are showcased with the creme de la creme hoping to bag the prestigious Palme d’Or recognition.

Whether you’re a film student or just a regular movie enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to catch THE most prestigious film festival in the world even for just once in your life.

Here in this article, we’ve lined up ten of the must-see annual festivals that you wouldn’t wanna miss.

You’ll also find details about the dates and the location of the festivals to help you schedule your next visit.


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