Essay On Censorship In Video S

Note: Please enjoy this guest essay on Iranian artists and censorships, in conjunction with the broadcast premiere of When God Sleeps, by artist and game creator Kurosh Vala Nejad.

The sincerity level of Svenonius’ last book, the thoroughly entertaining is more conspicuously earnest.

The lead title essay, wherein Svenonius stridently insists state approval of art is more dangerous than censorship, is the book’s most convincing piece.

A chapter that touts the oft-mocked practice of collecting physical things as a counter to the homogenizing minimalism of Apple and Ikea rings true, as does one on the poisonous effects of tipping in the service industry, which essentially forces workers to pay each other.

Aside from a few formal jokes (the back cover reads "INSTRUCTIONS: READ ONE WORD AT A TIME"), most of Svenonius’ absurdities are embedded in pointed diatribes that could easily be taken seriously.

In fact, some chapters in work as straightforward arguments.


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