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A moderate optimism is equivalent to commonsensible economic decisions while extreme optimism is equivalent to superficially irrational decisions (Puri & Robinson, 2006) According to a Peale, 2006, it was established that people who are optimistic work towards achieving success through their self-confidence which leads to self-realization, as well as successful achievement.(Peale, 2006) Therefore, when a person achieves all these, he is said to live happily all the rest of his life.One way to reinforce these traits is to conjure up a coach in your mind.

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Several importance of optimism link to power is explored in the paper written by Puri and Robinson, 2006.

as it is the root of many economic phenomena, it is important in financial intermediation, it can create an impact on corporate financial and accounting decisions as well as inflate prices of security when there is the presence of short-sale constraints.

Succeeding rather than failing keeps you optimistic.5. Many of us are more confident and perform better when someone is cheering us on.

Yet a part of being a successful person is being self-aware and accountable to oneself.

(Stankevicius et al., 2014) Despite the most known ideas that being optimistic may harm people by absorbing their power.

In fact, being optimistic help people to survive in better life conditions by psychological, physical and also time-saving benefits.

For optimal mental focus and performance, take a holistic approach to physical and mental health—sleep, rest, manage your stress, have a good diet, and get plenty of vigorous exercise.

On January 23, 2015, life changed for my 15 years old cousin.

There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair.

Ask any successful person to divulge the secret to winning, to meeting and exceeding goals, to feeling fulfilled and accomplished, and he'll usually say that optimism is key. These talented athletes were already great at the mechanics of pitching, batting, and fielding.


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