Essay On A Journey By Air

I was pleased to know so many new things about eh plane. I caught sight of the clouds of smoke rising from chimneys. We then passed over the towers of Taj Mahal and the fort of Agra. I asked my father what that city was I was surprised to know that it was Delhi. In a few minutes our palne began to take round and round. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge.

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My Mum, Dad, Brother, grandparents and I set off on the long journey to the airport, then Orlando Florida.

I remember the white taxi van used to transport us to the airport with its incredibly tiny seats, which made getting any sleep impossible.

I often heard people talking about their flight in an aeroplane. How I wished, I too could enjoy a flight in an aeroplane! He wanted me to reach Bombay with some very important papers which he had forgotten to take along. In the first few minutes, I felt a little frightened. Men and women looked like ants and rivers like serpents crawling on the ground.

One morning I received a sudden and immediate call from him. In a few minutes, I found that we were very high up in the sky. The houses looked like small huts or even like matchboxes and crops seemed like grass very like the Gulliver's sight in Liliput.

The wind was roaring and our plane was flying at the rate of 400 kilometers an hour.

Though it was hot on the land, but it was cool in the plane.

We reached India Gandhi International Airport two and half-hours earlier than the scheduled flight-time.

I was really excited and full of many expectations.

I hurriedly collected the documents and a suit of clothes. Luckily I got a seat in the plane that was bound for Bombay.

At last, it glided along the ground and then began to ascend from the earth.


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