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The men on their part go “out on the road” and seek adventure, and nobody monitors their conduct.This again, to Kingston, is unfair: “They expected her alone to keep the traditional ways, which her brothers could fumble without detection.” Kingston also protests the way Chinese culture has psychologically sworn women to silence.

It is also seen in the way the woman silently bears the pain of humiliation, child birth, and finally, suicide.

With this silence comes the loss of the identity of the woman in Chinese culture.

Carrying this point further, Kingston ironically portrays the way such women outcasts are treated in Chinese culture.

Instead of allowing the victims to go elsewhere and start life afresh, they are made to stay in the family and suffer humiliation at the hands of family members.

Among Chinese children, adults discriminate in their treatment of girls.

No Name Woman protests such practices as the binding of girls’ feet and the selling of girl slaves.In other words, though her parents migrated to America, cultural practices like the painful ripping off of short hair are so much an integral part of their lives that they had to put their children through them.Furthermore, Kingston, in a sarcastic manner, suggests that her aunt drowned with her baby because it was probably a girl for whom there would have been no hope of forgiveness.Thus when Kingston says her aunt “offered us up for a charm that vanished with tiredness,” she is actually lashing at the fact that her aunt should be ostracized for doing what is natural.As a woman, her aunt is expected to stay at home and wait for the return of her husband whose face has become a blur to her.It condemns such misogynist sayings as, “It is better to feed geese than girls”.In her characteristically ironic tone the author states: “To be a woman, to have a daughter in starvation time was a waste enough”.The American in Kingston protests this sexist attitude and suggests that it should be treated with the contempt it deserves.The writer allows her imagination to run wild and she begins to see the possibility that the man responsible for her aunt’s plight is also likely to be the one who betrayed her and that he probably took part in the raid on her hut, which is very unfair to her.In conclusion, one can say that No Name Woman is a practical demonstration of a woman writer expressing her own ideas rather than trying to write like a man.Kingston’s creative process is perhaps enhanced by the fact that she was writing at a time when women’s lives, so often ignored, were becoming the focus of much contemporary writing.


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