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It is only science that has relieved human sufferings greatly; especially in the case of medicine and surgery.Apart from fighting against diseases science has made life much more comfortable with various amenities.In fact, science has done all things for us except creating life or ensuring immortality. So scientific invention should be applied in useful works but not for harmful purposes.

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In the field of spreading education, the role of science is very remarkable.

Papers, pens and other instruments for education are the gifts of science. We can cover hundreds of miles within a short time.

Book printing, bookbinding, scripts scanning are the blessings of science. The invention of tractors power pumps, fertilizer, insecticide etc.

It has made people unemployed by inventing working machines. The working machine helps increasing more production. Scientific inventions like an atom bomb, nuclear bomb, heavy weapons have done great harm to mankind.

A man can destroy a long distant established by dint of scientific invention sitting at his drawing room.


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