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Posted by Grace Feng on June 13, 2012 Watching a short Chinese essay being read via online video might be an efficient way for you to learn how to pronounce and read in Chinese.

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A collection of useful phrases in Mandarin Chinese.

The phrases are shown in traditional Chinese characters first, then in simplified characters in [square brackets] and pinyin in (brackets).

I’d like to share with you one of my latest finding on this Learn Mandarin online blog.

It is a very short essay that read by 张妙阳 zhāng miào yáng (very good mandarin speaker).

So it is with very great pleasure that I announce the Internet release of an extensive and important essay by Zhang Liqing (張立青,张立青) that was written in Pinyin originally: Dàduōshù huì Hànzì de rén rènwéi Hànzì shì biǎoyì wénzì.

Jiù shì shuō Hànzì gēn biéde wénzì bù yīyàng, bùbì yīkào fāyīn huòzhě biéde yǔyán tiáojiàn; yī ge rén zhǐyào xuéhuì le hěn duō Hànzì, kànjian Hànzì xiě de dōngxi jiù zhīdao shì shénme yìsi. Dì-yī, Hànzì zài Zhōngguó liánxù yòng le sānqiān duō nián, bìngqiě dào xiànzài hái zài yòng.

It can be good material for you to practice your Chinese, either speaking or reading.

Although I have a few texts here on Pinyin Info written in Pinyin, most of them aren’t long and are usually conversions from texts written in Chinese characters.

Dì-èr, Hànzì zài Dōng-Yà jǐ ge guójiā liúchuán le hěn cháng yī duàn shíjiān. Yī ge shuō Hànzì chāoyuè shíjiān; lìngwài yī ge shuō Hànzì chāoyuè kōngjiān.

Guībìng qǐlai jiù shì Hànzì biǎoyì, kěyǐ chāoyuè shí-kōng.


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