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Illustrated with black-and-white drawings and reproductions; with a handlist of drawings and engravings and a bibliography.Bookseller's sticker to upper pastedown, early ownership inscription to front free endpaper.The effect of this magnificent composition is, as we can see, produced by nature.

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It would be impossi­ble to depict in a painting the azure of a clear night sky with no cloud, its colour scarcely distinguishable for it lacks any nuance, any graduation, the brilliant light of the stars stan­ding out garishly, brilliantly from its darkened tone.

In order to obtain the natural tone and effect which are possible in this monument it was necessary to have recourse to all the magic of art and to paint with nature, i.e.

I turned over in my imagination all the magnificence of nature. I wanted to give Newton that immortal resting place, the Heavens.

If you have the drawing in front of you, you will see what could have been considered impossible.

He delights in it, without being able to destroy the effect by wanting to come too close in order to satisfy his empty curiosity.

He stands alone and his eyes can behold nothing but the immensity of the sky. The lighting of this monument, which should resemble that on a clear night, is provided by the planets and the stars that decorate the vault of the sky.

The form of the interior of this monument is, as you can see, that of a vast sphere.

The centre of gravity is reached by an opening in the base on which the Tomb is placed.

to put nature to work; and I can say that this discovery belongs to me. It is not, in fact, the means which I am con­testing but the result.

Someone will object that he has seen more or less similar things, will give examples of places lit by means of apertures. And if it is assumed that I am not suggesting anything new, which belongs to me alone, then I would observe that apples fell before Newton and I would ask what was the result of it before this divine intelligence ... Doubtless I could also add that the palette of a dauber contains the same colours as those used by a gifted artist and isn't the ink that an idiot writes with the same as the ink used by a man of genius, etc., etc., etc.


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