Essay Arguing Euthanasia

But we do have the right to decide how long we remain in existence.

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It is, so the argument goes, not inhumane or irreverent to assist such patients – particularly if they clearly and repeatedly so request – to bring their lives to an end.

I am personally much more in favour of the pro-PAS and pro-VAE positions, although the arguments against do raise issues that need to be addressed.

It is hard to deny the right of an 85-year-old with terminal cancer of the pancreas and almost no family and friends left, to commit suicide or ask for assisted death.

In this case, he or she both has the right, and will be in the right if exercising that right.

The right to commit suicide is, as far as I am concerned, simply one of the prices we have to be willing to pay as citizens of a democracy.

We do not have the right, and we play no discernible role, in coming into existence.

The main victims of such possible abuse could well be the most vulnerable and indigent members of society: the poor, the disabled and the like.

Those who cannot pay for prolonged accommodation in expensive health care facilities and intensive care units.

Intractable terminal suffering robs the victims of most of their dignity.

In addition, medical science and practice is currently capable of an unprecedented prolongation of human life.


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