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Others still say that this time was a time of sectionalism which can be well supported and wasn't a time of good feelings but a time of panic and division.

Others still say that this time was a time of sectionalism which can be well supported and wasn't a time of good feelings but a time of panic and division.Although both sides of the story can be argued nationalism did not spread more than sectionalism which was much more visible through the states in political, economic, and social aspects. Still it serves as a good example of sectionalism where states are thinking only for themselves and not for the good of the nation.With the decline of the Federalists the United States was, in practice if not in theory, a one-party state on the national level; heading the Democratic-Republicans, Monroe secured all but one electoral vote in 1820.

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At a cultural level, people rejoiced with nationalism and celebrated national holidays such as Independence Day With vanity. C) Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner gained ubiquitous popularity and became the national anthem and many great works of literature such as Washing Wing’s short stories illustrated American culture and values. On the contrary, although the years 1815 to 1825 had numerous improvements due to nationalism, sectionalism and the 2nd B. First off, despite the fact that President Monroe won the elections of 18 with little to no opposition, by 1824, there were four candidates from the north, south and west; Andrew Jackson from Tennessee, John Q.

Dilemma caused many conflicts for the Lignite States.

But by 1820 a longer era of conflict might have been foretold; varying sectional interests, particularly regarding slavery and expansion, developed during Monroe’s second term.

The “era” proved to be a temporary lull in personal and political leadership clashes while new issues were emerging.

Era of Good Feelings After the War of 1812, James Monroe was elected the fifth president of the United States in 1816.

The Federalist Party died after the Hartford Convention leaving Jeffersonian Republics control, which wasn't for long after the Corrupt Bargain where Henry Clay convinced the House of Representatives to elect Adams as president and make himself secretary of state.

Before the Era of Good Feelings, transportation was difficult for quite a lot of individuals.

Getting from one destination to another took a long time and required full of effort.

In fact during this time the economy was not at its greatest.

The Panic of 1819 was an economic depression caused by over speculation in the western lands.


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