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You cannot simultaneously execute and not execute defendants, making it difficult to isolate the impact of the death penalty.The Committee also highlights a number of key flaws in the research designs: In a 2012 study, “Deterrence and the Dealth Penalty: Partial Identificaiton Analysis Using Repeated Cross Sections,” authors Charles F. Pepper (University of Virginia) focus on the third challenge.

Scholarly research sheds light on a number of important aspects of this issue: False convictions One key reason for the contentious debate is the concern that states are executing innocent people.

How many people are unjustly facing the death penalty?

That was followed by a number of other closely scrutinized cases, and the year ended with few executions relative to years past. Martin O’Malley commuted the sentences of the remaining four prisoners on death row in that state.

In 2013, Maryland became the 18th state to abolish the death penalty after Connecticut in 2012 and New Mexico in 2009.

To conduct an updated review, the NRC formed the Committee on Deterrence and the Death Penalty, comprised of academics from economics departments and public policy schools from institutions around the country, including the Carnegie Mellon University, University of Chicago and Duke University.

In 2012, the Committee published an updated report that concluded that not much had changed in recent decades: “Research conducted in the 30 years since the earlier NRC report has not sufficiently advanced knowledge to allow a conclusion, however qualified, about the effect of the death penalty on homicide rates.” The report goes on to recommend that none of the reviewed reports be used to influence public policy decisions on the death penalty.

Meanwhile, polling data suggests some softening of public attitudes, though the majority Americans continue to support capital punishment.

Gallop noted in October 2014 that the level of public support (60%) is at its lowest in 40 years.

In his concurrent opinion in the 2006 Supreme Court case suggests that the figure could be higher.

Authors Samuel Gross (University of Michigan Law School), Barbara O’Brien (Michigan State University College of Law), Chen Hu (American College of Radiology) and Edward H.


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