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This can help readers have a general understanding about of the main issues findings of this article and the research value of the subject.

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Discourse analysis, or discourse studies, is a broad term for the study of the ways to analyse written, vocal, or sign language use (Wikipedia“Discourse analysis,”, n.d.).

For written discourse, it not only helps the readers understand the textual and lexical elementsauthor’s meanings in a particular context, but also investigate larger units of texts that are typical to particular uses of language (Paltridge & Burton, 2000).

In order to gain a deeper understanding of written discourse, For this purpose, this present paper reviews analyses a journal article about current theories in terms of the effects of mindfulness meditation practices (MMPs) of cognitive functions, and focuses on the analysis of some salient features to develop a deep understanding of analysis of written discourse.

This paper starts with the analysis of schematic structure, which is followed by the study analysis of lexical features and finishes withas well as syntactic and grammatical analysis.

Third, the result part reveals the search results and then presents the characteristics of included studies.

Through this part, the reader can easily find the answers of to the research question in the title and the assessment and evaluations of the findings as well.It is evident this article followed the conventions of journal article and therefore makes the reading easy to read and understand.One of the most prominent lexical features of this article is the use of neutral reporting verbs.One critical reason is this article is a review of literature with no personal opinion, so the neutral reporting verbs are used here to indicate what the author’s describes in neutral position (Chuang, 2012) (Chuang, 2012).Some neutral reporting verbs are used in this article such as ““explore”, ”, ““consider”, ”, ““investigate”, “compare”, “explain”, “suggest”, “claim”, “find”, “identify” and “point out”.Lastly, an earlier investigation discovered that papers with more authors will have longer titles (Yitzhaki, 1994).This article is written by three co-authors, so the more substantive words in the title is probably based on their desire for clarity of the topics.Then, the discussion section evaluates the implications and limitation of current study to help readers to verify the validity of the findings and clarify the problematic aspects.evaluate the usefulness of the findings recapitualizeget recapitulation of major findings.The title of this paper is “Does mindfulness training improve cognitive abilities?A systematic review of neuropsychological findings” (Chiesa, A., Calati, R., & Serretti, A., 2010, p. Interestingly, this article uses a long interrogative title which may have three reasons.


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