Dessay Fille Du Rgiment

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Could it possibly be as good as it had been three years ago?

Hear are some recording of the Nino Machaidze, Lawerance Brownlee and Kiri Te Kanawa so people can listen to their voices in case they don't know them.

This is one of my highlights of July as it is Nino Machaidze's debut on Sony Classical.

You may not hear bel canto but you will hear beautiful singing.

This is Kiri Te Kanawa at her prime singing her specialty Mozart and Strauss.

And while she admits to never having felt comfortable on the stage, her performances show otherwise.

Born on April 19, 1965, Opera Wire takes a look at some of her unforgettable roles on stage.It would be her warhorse for many years in houses like Lyon, Orange, Vienna and even the Metropolitan Opera.There are several video recordings of her Olympia and one always notices the amount of fun she had as the robot.Forty years ago, in Covent Garden’s previous version of this opera, Joan Sutherland and Luciano Pavarotti shone brightly as the vivandière Marie and her lover Tonio.Today, I think Natalie Dessay and Juan Diego Florez eclipse them.Later in her career, Dessay was scheduled to sing all three heroines but opted out of Olympia and Giulietta and instead took on Antonia.By Francisco Salazar FRANCISCO SALAZAR, (Publisher) worked as a reporter for Latin Post where he has had the privilege of interviewing numerous opera stars including Anita Rachvelshvili and Ailyn Perez.But she does a thoroughly stylish job, making this dotty old dame a study in faded elegance rather than frumpy fatness – a responsibility splendidly assumed by Dawn French in a hilarious OTT cameo as the revolting Duchesse de Crackenthorp.Bruno Campanella conducts the confection with verve, and Elaine Kidd has efficiently revived Laurent Pelly’s production – a staging which, despite its richly inventive humour, at times almost takes the plot seriously. This is a show that rises or falls on the glow of its two stars.I cannot think of an opera singer today with half her imagination or originality. Natalie Dessay may have retired from the opera stage, but her art continues to live on.


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