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Work out which pieces of information are important, and what has been put there to bamboozle you.Pay attention to detail and ask more questions if you need further information.

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They might be testing you to see how you cope and improvise under pressure.

In this instance, stay focused and continue to work through the scenario aloud, explaining your processes and reasoning.

The business scenario will likely be one that the firm typically consults on.

The aim of this type of interview is not to see how much you know about the market or firm itself, but to uncover what skills and thought processes you use to arrive at your conclusion.

Consulting services usually involve either implementation or advisory services.

Every consultant is required to take an unbiased and independent stand on any issue that they are handling.During the case study it’s likely you won’t be given all the information you need at once.Treat the interviewer like a client and ask relevant questions, but don’t be surprised if the interviewer continues to withhold information.If you are searching for a career that is interesting and it balanced on both rewards and challenges, then consider joining the consulting industry.Consulting will present you with the opportunities to utilize your analytical and communication skills and most interesting is that you will have a chance to work in any industry.How you arrive at your answer provides more insight for the interviewer than the answer itself.The analysis of any business case is complex, let alone when you’ve been put on the spot.When you do formulate questions, make sure they are thoughtful and necessary.Most importantly, remember to listen to the answers you are given.Here are the most important things for you to think about on the day: To help you clarify your thoughts (and complete maths sums if need be) make sure you have pen and paper.You don’t want to look unprepared by asking to borrow a pen before the interview has even begun! Listen to what is being said and jot down any first impressions or questions you have.


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