Define Courage College Essay

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However, there are still some caveats to this prompt, as there are some topics that can be a little overdone or less-than-ideal.

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If you choose this approach, however, make sure you don’t repeat what you wrote in the previous question.

Perhaps a job you held changed your view on an important attribute in your life or afforded you a valuable skill you previously didn’t possess.

Perhaps you could put the reader in your perspective by making it appear as if reader were physically there when the tournament occurred.

Avoid using all 150 words to simply summarize the extracurricular or work experience, as this does not highlight the impact this experience had on you.

While choosing something related to your major will not automatically hurt your application, it’s always best to illuminate parts of your personality that may not have been highlighted elsewhere on your application.

Define Courage College Essay

Like the previous question, this is another another brief essay.While there is nothing inherently wrong with choosing a family member, these essays can often appear cliche.A more powerful way of approaching this topic would be to write about a scenario in which you disagreed with your chosen family member in some way.The student maximizes the limited space by carefully choosing words that are both meaningful, yet clear.When choosing a topic, it may be stronger to pick an activity that contrasts with your chosen major in order to round out your profile.Remember, the prompt asks for something that was Still, it’s understandably difficult to be vivid while remaining within the word limit.Here is an example of a student who took advantage of the limited word count by crafting a concise, yet detailed opening sentence:“My school’s newspaper and I have a typical love-hate relationship; some days I want nothing more than to pass two hours writing and formatting articles, while on others the mere thought of student journalism makes me shiver.”This is a very strong opening because the student successfully introduces the topic while also appealing to the reader’s senses.For example, if you and a parent disagree on your career choice, you could highlight that you acknowledge their perspective even in your disagreement.Maybe your parents pressured you into going into medicine, but your true passion lies in social work.Upon initially reading the prompt, it might seem difficult to articulate a thorough response in only 150 words.However, when used to its fullest potential, 150 words is just enough to show the admissions committee an activity you’re passionate about without being overly verbose. If you were, for instance, an active member of the debate team, you could craft a story of an impactful debate tournament.


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