Defence Doctoral Thesis

There is great demand for energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective electrical energy storage devices.

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Another important aspect is the requirement for energy storage in the growing field of renewable energy production from wind and solar sources, which generates an irregular supply of electricity due to weather conditions.

Much of the research in this area has been conducted in the field of battery technology with impressive results, but the need for rapid storage devices such as supercapacitors is growing.

Resume: The three chapters of this thesis study households’ financial decisions over the lifecycle.

The first chapter focuses on the decision to become an entrepreneur, the second on the choice to invest in stock market and the third on the value of pension entitlements.

In other countries, including the UK, the oral examination is usually conducted behind closed doors by at least two examiners, usually with at least one being from another institution (external examiner) and an expert in your topic of research.

In the UK the supervisor does not participate in the viva, but may be allowed to observe.Your institution may offer courses on viva preparation and there may be opportunities to organise a practice viva.Take advantage of these opportunities: they can be extremely valuable experiences.Your study will have strengths and weaknesses: it is essential that you are prepared to discuss both.You could think of any weaknesses as an opportunity to demonstrate your skill at critical appraisal.The process is based on hydrodynamic tube-shearing and can produce both multilayer graphene and nanometer-thick and micrometer-wide flakes of nanographite.I also describe the production of highly conductive and robust carbon composites based on the addition of nanocellulose during production; these are suitable as electrodes in applications ranging from supercapacitors and batteries to printed electronics and solar cells.Examiners have different personalities, styles and levels of experience.Sometimes a candidate may feel that a challenge is made in a confrontational way.An important way to address this need is to develop a cost-efficient and environment-friendly large-scale process to produce highly conductive nanographites, such as graphene and graphite nanoplatelets, along with methods to manufacture low-cost electrodes from large area coating.In this thesis, I present a novel process to mechanically exfoliate industrial quantities of nanographite from graphite in an aqueous environment with lowenergy consumption and at controlled shear conditions.


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