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Sites with textbooks that are littered with enticing ‘Free Download’ buttons often give users the Media Get downloader instead of the document that they were looking for.This is the most innocuous of surprises that awaits K-12 and college students who are searching for educational resources.That is because the cost of textbooks and other materials for K-12 and college students often leads to many looking for more affordable and free alternatives online.

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However, certain types of threats are distributed in this way more than others.

Here are the four most popular malware types that are the most frequently distributed under the guise of study materials.

The archive contains a shortcut to a text file, which not only opens the document itself, but also launches the attached malware components.

They, in turn, can download another infection to the device.

For example, it can infect other computers on the local network or a USB flash drive containing the educational materials.

This is a very insidious step, because if you print out the essay using school or university resources via a flash drive, the worm will make its way onto the educational institution network.

This downloader will retrieve a torrent client that the user does not need.

Malware likes to hide in archives, since it is more difficult to detect a threat when it is inside a zip or rar file.

As a rule, these are malicious cryptomining programs that mine cryptocurrency for their owners using your device’s resources.

As a result, your computer and internet connection speed will suffer, and your electricity bill may go up.


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