Critical Thinking Course Syllabus

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The estimated time to complete each module is one week.

The following table outlines the course: Evidence of one of these elements equates with a C; evidence of two with a B: and evidence of three with an A.

Selected articles posted on Electronic Reserve at [Please note: the Chaffee text contains numerous “Thinking Activities” and “Questions for Analysis.” You are not required to write up any of these unless you are expressly instructed to do so.

Any such instructions will appear under “Learning Activities” in the modules that follow.] This course consists of 10 modules.

In order to receive full credit for a given week’s Discussion, you must a) Make an initial post by the deadline listed in the Course Calendar; 2) Make at least one follow-up post later in the week in which you interact with at least one classmate; and 3) Make sure that at least one of your posts is substantive: that is to say, it must offer a considered opinion, a thought–provoking speculation and/or new information.

A substantive contribution does more than simply indicate "I agree" or "Me too".

Your instructor will be happy to work with you on these points, on a draft-revision basis, if you so desire.

You are also encouraged to consult the Writing Resources page on the SCPS website.

The faculty member and the individual student together decide which system will best promote the student's learning in that particular course.

With no exceptions, a student must obtain permission from the instructor to use the grade option by the beginning of the third week of the quarter.


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