Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

Apart from this, appropriate strategies are adopted by the retail companies for ensuring sustainable development.With this, companies can be able to create goodwill and ensure its long run survival in the marketplace (Maon, Lindgreen and Swaen, 2009).

All the society members as well as other stakeholders holders have different expectations from retail industry that aid to create goodwill of companies in the marketplace.

However, couple of years ago, corporate social responsibility considered something that was desirable but at present it is the necessity of business without which corporation cannot target its customers.

In addition to this, present dissertation takes into account the ethical and environmental issues that affect sustainable growth of company.

Similarly, social responsibilities is planned with the presence of expert who can be make budget fro specified time span.

Sustainable development of any organization depend on its capability to satisfy need of stakeholders and for the sake of the same, companies act in the direction of growth by addressing issues of general communities in an effectual manner.

This way organization can secure its position in the marketplace.

It aid to value for people that generate positive attitude of customers towards retail companies (Simmons and et. The retail sector of UK employs large number of people which facilitates to increase overall rate of return.

These corporations take appropriate actions to address issues of society.

It enables management to cater need of customers that aid to deliver good quality of services to large number of customers.

Further, generally, CSR activities require huge investment by the organizations but is depends on the capability of management that how to manage this activities in order to involve corporation in CSR activities (Bryman and et. The retail industry of United Kingdom is the great sources of employment among five countries that aid to increase gross domestic product of UK.


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