Catering Service Business Plan

Try testing your menu concept and dishes in small, no-pressure scenarios.

Gather friends and family together, or offer to cook for a small gathering or fundraiser in your community.

Instead, most caterers start by renting out kitchen space or finding a building to make their own.

If you’re just starting out or operate at a low volume, your most economical option would be to rent a commercial kitchen space.

Create a selection of offerings that are, for example, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, or low carb.

And if your menu items are especially spicy, be sure to offer a few less spicy or not spicy options as well.Once your menu is established, determine how you’ll price your items or event packages.It’s important to have a sample menu prepared and pricing figured out before meeting with your first potential clients.When choosing your theme, it’s important to think about the demographic you’ll be serving, how you plan to price your services, and if you can access the equipment needed to sustain your theme.Create your menu before you begin to look at work spaces and equipment.Like any business venture, it takes a certain level of experience to successfully execute a start-up.Consider working for an already established catering company prior to opening your business.During the event, you and your food are at the mercy of the venue space, their amenities, the weather, and staff you may not work with often.It’s also important to consider what type of catering business you’re interested in pursuing: Once you've determined that a catering company is right for you, use the following steps to get your business off to a successful start.Figuring out what types of food you’ll be cooking means you can decide what equipment, appliances, and space you’ll need to successfully prepare your offerings.While it’s important to stay true to your theme and concept, you need to offer a menu with versatility to accompany a wide range of tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions.


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