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In a network with two data centers connected with a layer-2 DCI link, implement optimal route advertisement toward enterprise WAN and Internet that survives failures of individual links, node, or subsystems, and avoids split-brain scenario or traffic blackholing.A large enterprise (the Customer) has a WAN backbone based on MPLS/VPN service offered by a regional Service Provider (SP).The new private cloud should offer centralized security, quick application deployment capabilities, and easy integration of existing application stacks that are using a variety of firewalls and load balancers from numerous vendors.

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In this dissertation, I focus on improving the security of the BGP protocol as it is deployed throughout the Internet today.Large multi-homed content provider has experienced numerous brownouts in the Internet edge of its data center network caused by high CPU load on the Internet edge routers following a link or EBGP session loss.A large enterprise (the Customer) has an existing international WAN backbone using BGP as the routing protocol.They plan to replace a regional access network with DMVPN-based solution and want to extend the existing BGP routing protocol into the access network to be able to scale the access network to several thousand sites.Central IT department of the government of Genovia is building a new private cloud which will consolidate workloads currently being run at satellite data centers throughout various ministries.A large enterprise (the Customer) is building a private cloud infrastructure using leaf-and-spine fabric for internal network connectivity.The virtualization team hasn’t decided yet whether to use a commercial product (example: VMware v Sphere) or an open-source alternative (KVM with Open Stack).Enabling debug on the routed process provides more details required for troubleshooting.The Internet carries traffic between billions of devices every day and modern societies depend on the resiliency of the routing technology behind it to work around the frequent link outages caused by natural disasters, equipment failures, destruction of cables, and even wars.This document shows a few common issues with the OSPF routing protocol and shows how to collect preliminary information required by the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to start working on routing issues: Let's look at a few case studies that document common issues with OSPF routing and solutions.Stuck in Exchange State: Master hasn’t received an ACK from Slave.


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