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Along with the 501st, units moving to the base this year include the 498th Combat Support Battalion; 46th Transportation Company; 61st Maintenance Company; 305th Quartermaster Company; Detachment A, 168th Medical Company; 304th Signal Battalion and the 15th Korean Service Corps Company, officials said. Jayne Carson of Annandale, Va., stood amid soldiers unpacking photographs, honors boards and various other symbols of the unit brought from their old home at Camp Red Cloud to hang on the wall of her new headquarters. Army Camps in the Uijeongbu area went on display at the city’s main train station August 12. Initially 300 soldiers with the 501st will be based at Camp Stanley, but once other units arrive the population will rise to around 1,500, down from a population of about 2,800 when 2nd ID was there.

They are the key role of transporting supplies all over the peninsula.

Warrior Reception Company (WRC) relocated to Camp Hovey in February 2012, as did the area Combined Issue Facility (CIF).

Another Camp Stanley-based unit, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, will join them later this month.

And 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation left for Camp Humphreys in June.

The camp was home to both 2nd ID's Division Artillery and Aviation units until base realignment handed command of the installation to the 501st Corps Support Group.

Various 2nd ID units operated out of the camp from 1971 through 2005.Helicopters fly daily training runs from nearby Camp Casey and Camp Red Cloud.There is a Haz Mart (recycling and reutilization facility) on the camp. In line with the ongoing draw-down and realignment of American Forces in South Korea.[4] Units that are not inactivated will relocate south to Camp Humphreys or USAG Daegu. Camps in Korea is outstanding because it includes not only information, but also numerous photographs of U. camps in Korea, past and present.] Camp Edwards closure continues with move of vehicles to Camp Casey By Seth Robson - Stars and Stripes Published: November 9, 2004 CAMP EDWARDS, South Korea — With the closure of Camp Edwards, the 2nd Infantry Division’s Western Corridor home base, the division’s road crew is on its way to Camp Casey.The veteran of three South Korean tours, including the past 10 months at Edwards, said he was sad to see the base close. “We cover almost 200 square kilometers from here to the Korea Training Center and as far south as Camp Humphries on occasion.Camp Stanley began as an unnamed Tent City in 1953 occupied by the 13th Helicopter Company, 36th Enginner Gp, 11th EB, 7th ID. In 1971 the 7th ID took over the camp, when they moved units from Paju in the DMZ area to Stanley. Command of Camp Stanley passed from the 2nd Infantry Division’s Fires Brigade to the 501st Corps Support Group recently, marking the end of 34 years occupation by 2nd Infantry Division units.In 1958 it was named after one of the 36th Engineering Battalion's Commanders, Col. Army records show the facility opened as a tent city in 1954 and has been home to various 2nd ID units since 1971. Army helicopters moved to the base in 1954 and aviation units were stationed there until 2nd ID's relocation in August 2005.Camp Stanley is currently home to the 61st Maintenance Company, 501st Sustainment Brigade; 46th Transportation Company, and 194th CSSB.Camp Edwards’ two motor pools house road construction equipment, which is being moved to Camp Casey. “In a lot of ways the move is going to be beneficial.The 82nd operates 110 vehicles, including 26,000-lb. We do parts runs every day where we have to drive to Camp Casey and back, so a lot of those individual movements are going to be consolidated in one place,” he said.


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