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What is important to know about organizational emergence, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, high-technology entrepreneurship, the role of government in helping and impeding entrepreneurs, the special issues that women must address in starting new businesses, how to go about planning new businesses, and why entrepreneurs keep trying after initial failure of a new venture is covered here.

The second topical area to be addressed by this list of management research paper topics concerns contemporary issues of business, society, and government.

An applied focus is provided by a research paper on Environmental Strategy, Leadership, and Change Management in Business.

The section concludes with a research paper on how many firms collaboratively incorporate environmentalist concerns in supply chain management.

Another paper discusses organizational crisis management in the post-9/11 business epoch.

The proactive management of an organization’s environment including activist groups and other stakeholders is considered at length.

The 21st century finds businesses nested in over multiple jurisdictions, where cultures and values are changing and that are increasingly beset by crises such as disasters of the natural environment.

Global business citizenship is discussed as not only a socially responsible and ethical way for firms to proceed but as a sensible and effective way of fitting with the requirements of our time.

This was chiefly sparked by Prahalad’s The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (2006).

The multifaceted dimensions of this movement are addressed in a research paper in this section.


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