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At trade shows, you'll be able to connect with suppliers and see first-hand their product offerings.

At trade shows, you'll be able to connect with suppliers and see first-hand their product offerings.When making orders, consider the amount you'll need when you first open your store, plus the inventory you'll need to regularly replace the items that sell.

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Consider storefronts in strip malls or in stand-alone locations, or look into mall leases if it's suitable for your type of clothing store.

You'll have to keep in mind your inventory numbers: How much square footage will you need?

To truly have a leg up, stay keenly aware of the trends in your local market, be aware of what's happening in your nearby mall, understand how pop culture (including movies, books, and games) influences fashion choices, and know what the demographics in your area demand.

One more thing: you must really love the clothing business to start a small business in this industry.

You may consider working in the fashion industry or in a clothing store to not only learn the ropes of the industry, but also save some money to fund your company.

It's important not to underestimate the amount of financial capital you'll need to get started.Keep the momentum going by sponsoring fashion shows, sample sales, trunk shows, holiday promotions and other special days to celebrate your customers and give them new, exciting reasons to visit your store.Do your friends and family constantly encourage you to start a business to sell your handmade jewelry or clothing?Anticipate any problems or questions that might arise when it comes to employees, store hours, customer service, loss prevention, damages, returns, and other day-to-day operations.Spend some time considering best practices from other established stores, and distribute these procedures to all new employees.When you want to start a clothing store, you must dedicate time toward developing a solid plan of action. Anyone that steps into a mall in the middle of a large city may feel that the apparel industry is crowded.The truth is, there is always room for another apparel store, particularly if you offer consumers something that's unique and new to your area.You might consider having an open house with special discounts, giveaways, and other "little extras." Put your best foot forward and put a particular emphasis on amazing customer service.You may consider advertising your clothing store in your local newspaper or radio, on Facebook, or in your local lifestyle magazine.Not only do you need to commit to a location in a specific state, in a specific town, but then you need to consider the various neighborhoods and streets which will bring you foot traffic and a large consumer base interested in (and able to afford) your merchandise.Once you've narrowed down your location options, you'll need find the right building.


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