Biology Cells Research Paper

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& # 8221 ; As my brother was on his manner to the chondriosome he saw a little unit of ammunition construction that looked like a bean. If you want to cognize the manner out ask the cytoplasm.” He went on his manner to the cytol.

My brother asked, & # 8220 ; What are you and what occupation do you make? When he asked the cytol the manner out, seemed sad my brother said.

The following forenoon he was stating me about the dream he had. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; What & # 8217 ; s your occupation & # 8221 ; my brother asked.

The first topographic point he came upon was the cell wall. You might desire to inquire the cell membrane she is right following to me. The cell membrane merely replied & # 8220 ; How should I cognize? & # 8221 ; He went on with the narrative by walking to the chloroplast. The chloroplast merely said, & # 8220 ; I have no idea.

The chloroplast replied, & # 8220 ; I help with the photosynthesis procedure by supplying chlorophyll.

If you want to acquire out of here inquire the mitochondria.

The Chilean Biology Society promotes theoretical and experimental studies and research leading to advancement in and dissemination of the biological sciences for the benefit of the community.

To accomplish this, the Society organizes periodic scientific meetings in which scientists communicate, comment and discuss research carried out in Chilean or foreign research laboratories.

Manuel J Santos, Editor-in-Chief Dr Santos is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Biological Sciences and Medicine at the Pontificia Catholic University of Chile.

Dr Santos received his MD from the University of Chile and his Ph D in Cell and Molecular Biology from the Pontificia Catholic University of Chile.


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