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Three out of four boys who attended the Baraka School in its first years of operation went on to graduate from high school.[Source: Goldstein, Andrew. "The Africa Experiment," February 15, 2001.]Baltimore Statistics Once the film has screened, hand out this background information about Baltimore, Maryland, and have students research the demographics of their town or city.

This will build their ability to read graphs and analyze data.

Clip 2: Arriving in Africa - (Shots of Africa; out cue: "I didn't know it rained in Africa.")Clip 3: Working Together Instead of Fighting - (Disciplinary problem is handled in Africa.

In cue: fight in dining hall; out cue: "Just think about it.")Clip 4: Parents Receive Bad News About Baraka School - (Parents meeting to discuss closing of school. Help Baltimore be on the map.")After Viewing the Film Following the viewing, have students share their answers to the Viewing Guide questions, and collect their answers if you choose to use them as part of their grades for this assignment.

Due to the family’s situation dealing with their surrounding city, the five ways a family will thrive and function that we learned in class definitely pertain to “Boys of As the fourth family function, nurturing peer relationships is the most common problem amongst the boys in Baltimore.

Because the crime rate is so high in the boy’s town, they have become accustomed to seeing people fighting, drinking and smoking, and being arrested.

As part of an educational experiment sponsored by the Baltimore City Public School System and a local educational foundation, a group of 20 frequently disruptive middle school boys were given the opportunity to attend 7th and 8th grades at the Baraka School.

The film documents their experiences in Baltimore and at Baraka.

OVERVIEWFILM: This lesson plan is designed to be used with the film The Boys of Baraka, a 90-minute documentary by filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady.

The film tells the story of a group of middle school boys from inner city Baltimore who are selected to attend a boarding school in rural Kenya, East Africa.


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