Badger Maths Problem Solving

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It conflicted intensely with their in order to help us draft our understanding.So I asked, “What would need to be true about Bucky’s world if he performed 83 push-ups in total?

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I told them, “If you have everything you need to know about the situation, get to work, otherwise call me over and let me know what you need.” Not every pair of students wondered these next two questions, but I told the students that if the answer to either question was “yes,” that I could definitely get them that information.

But I am very lazy, I said, and would very much rather not.

We need more tasks that include that room, more teacher moves that help students step into it, and more teacher beliefs that prepare us to learn from whatever students do there. Amanda Jansen contributes to the category of “productive teacher beliefs”: Doing mathematics is more than answer-getting. Everyone’s current mathematical thinking has value and can be built upon.

Everyone’s mathematical thinking can constantly evolve and shift. An important role of teachers is to interpret students’ thinking before evaluating it. Teachers are learning about students’ thinking and their thinking about mathematics evolves as they make sense of kids’ thinking.

So I asked them to help me understand why they needed it. The point of the Bucky Badger activity is not calculating the number of push-ups Bucky performed, rather it’s devising experiments to test our hypotheses for both of those two questions above, drafting and re-drafting our understanding of the relationship between points and push-ups.

Those two questions both seemed to emerge by chance during the activity, but they contain the activity’s entire point and were planned for in advance. I acted disappointed here and made a big show of rummaging through my backpack for that information.

For example, I’d rather give a dreary task to a teacher who believes one can never master mathematical understanding, only it, than give a richer task to a teacher who believes that a successful mathematical experience is one in which the number on the student’s paper matches the number in the answer key. So today, we worked with Bucky the Badger, a task I’d never taught with students before.

We learned that Bucky the Badger has to do push-ups every time his football team scores.

This section of the nzmaths website has problem-solving lessons that you can use in your maths programme.

The lessons provide coverage of Levels 1 to 6 of The New Zealand Curriculum.


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