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The modules and questions we well posed, and very thought provoking. The material more or less matches what you get on the exam if one sticks to practicing based on it.Studying this course has encouraged me to take my learning a step further, and I am now undertaking a Health Studies Foundations degree. The order process was easy to use and email communications were clear and precise. I would recommend the course to all the beginners in Java Script programming language.All responses from my tutor were very quick and I had all the help I needed. But still made you want to go out and research even more which is a real positive.

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Most work from home and are able to offer flexible contact times.They have always been there for me and have always been available, responding fast which helped me to keep a good studying flow. The whole method of learning works well for me as; the online lessons are very easy to understand and follow, the tasks and exercises help the new information to sink in and assist with the learning, also anytime I was unsure or confused, I knew I would receive a reply and answer from the support team within an hour, most of the time within 10 minutes.I enjoyed doing this course, the material was interesting and prompted wider reading around the subject.will give a fascinating insight into a hugely popular subject.You will learn to design experiments, evaluate scientific research, use statistics effectively and deal with ethical issues.If you wish to study an A Level then you will need to sit the examinations in the UK.Please remember that most A Level's have several examinations which may well be spread over several weeks.All distance learning students will sit their exams as a private candidate in a registered school or college.The finding of an examination centre and the booking of exams is the responsibility of the student.You can contact your tutor by Phone, Post or Email.There are tutor-marked assignments (TMA's) in every course.


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