Articles Of Confederation And Us Constitution Essay

Articles Of Confederation And Us Constitution Essay-61
Some of the failures of the Articles of Confederation can be reviewed through the borders and restricted powers that Congress possessed under the Confederation.

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Under the articles, there wasn’t a strong independent executive.

There wasn’t any judicial branch but Congress had the authority to arbitrate disputes between states.

There were so many changes made and very little remained the same.

The thirteen states formed a Confederation referred to as the “league of friendship” in order to find a solution for common problems such as foreign affairs.

Many other weaknesses still existed under the Articles of Confederation.

First of all, under the Articles, there was no executive head of the government.

Therefore, having a strong central government was nearly impossible, because there was no executive to be in charge of over the nation.

In addition to, there was no judicial system with any federal courts.

However, the Articles did provide some successes as a tool of government. Historians have argued over whether the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution provided for a more democratic government.

Opposing to what most Americans believe, the Articles were more democratic because they gave more power to the states and the people.


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