Argumentative Essay On Dependence On Computers

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This 24/7 online, connected community is actually a place for escaping from stress and bad emotions.

The countless facilities and alternatives of virtual world attract the attention of many teens.

A recent survey shows that adolescents aged between 10-18 waste an average of six to seven hours with electronic devices like computers and smart phones which cause to negative outcomes as depression, social isolation, anxiety, insomnia, and obesity(“Technology gadgets stealing kids' sleep, shows survey”).

The good feeling brought on by the chemical like adrenaline, dopamine as in the gambling addiction and the joy by social networking sites, smart phones, online video games and also not-feeling alone and freedom in virtual world are the factors of technology dependence.

After the power failure, most of the teenagers feel lost, want steadily to turn back their virtual life and fear that they miss out something.

Along with various benefits of technology, teens are much more dependent on technology than they should be because of the utilization without limitations and unawareness, also the time teenagers spend, the way of interaction teenagers have through technology and their new sedentary lifestyle concern parents and experts today.

While it may provide the paramount of what technology has to offer, humanity must not defy the fact that every single thing has its pros and cons.

First and foremost, extravagant dependence on computers unruly.

On the other hand, parents can touch with their kids by technologic devices which are great gadgets for communication.

In that case, people cannot suddenly remove the technology from their lives because it now controls our lives instead of us.


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