Argumenative Essay

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Next time I needed to write an argumentative essay, I wasn’t going to take any chances and turned to a Personal Nerd.

My name is Zoe and this is my story on how I failed my argumentative essay and learned from my mistakes the easy way — with Personal Nerd’s advice.

If there’s one thing I had no clue about before turning to a Personal Nerd, it was thesis statement.

Don’t get me wrong — I surely knew what it was, but never paid enough attention to creating a thesis statement or understood its true value in an argumentative essay.

Creating a thesis statement is one of the most effective ways to make the essay logical and consistent, because you can alight every argument and fact to your main idea and make sure you don’t digress from it.

One of the first advice that my Personal Nerd gave me was to create a solid thesis statement, because it reflects the main idea and is the core of the whole paper, however long the paper is.It’s important to represent different viewpoints to support your idea or prove other points of view wrong to, once again, support your idea.My Personal Nerd advised that there should be a representation of a conflict between different opinions in an argumentative essay.That’s a common pitfall — students think several arguments are enough to convey the whole topic.While writing an argumentative essay, try to discuss as many facts and arguments as possible — it’ll make the paper substantial, professional, and interesting, and demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about.Looking back at my writing process now I get that I never took the work seriously enough and just wrote what I could and whenever I could. My Personal Nerd said that creating a schedule for writing any essay or doing any time-consuming homework is a must — it helps organize the writing process and get the best value.I followed this advice and created a concise schedule on my phone, marking every stage of the essay writing process — preliminary literature research, creating an outline, writing a draft, writing the final paper, and proofreading.The topics for argumentative essays are often very self-explanatory — they are common knowledge.For instance, we all know that global warming is bad, or that Black manhood is very different from White manhood — White males aren’t demonized the same way Black males are.My Personal Nerd suggested that even a Google Scholar search can help find credible sources — it’s important to focus on up-to-date articles from academic journals.To check whether sources are relevant, Personal Nerd recommended reading only the abstract.


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