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In contrast, the AP United States History exam is examined in nine periods from approximately 1491 to the present.Although the structure of each course varies, the final exam (besides any assessment provided by the school through which the course is taken) is identical.

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Advanced Placement classes, administered by the College Board, are rigorous courses meant to expound upon a subject to the benefit of the student.

When these courses are seen on a transcript, colleges identify those students as adept, or as willing to sponsor their education.

Simple knowledge comes from a basic understanding of the material without dates, figures, or specific detail.

For instance, if a student has “simple knowledge” about the American Revolution, they may be able to state that it occurred at the end of the eighteenth century, it involved Great Britain and America, and that it resulted it an American victory.

Usable knowledge demands some understanding of the material, but does not require a student to understand every aspect of an event or figure.

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With respect to the American Revolution, a student demonstrates “usable knowledge” by recalling the decade or exact year when an event occurred, may know that it was led by George Washington and King George III, and has little or some ability to construct context for the event.

Context, in this regard, are the events leading to, and departing from, the event – the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

Adept knowledge requires that a student has focused on the material, and the student has thorough context of the event and its role in the development of a central idea.

Consider the AP history exam as an assessment on three types of knowledge concerning the subject: simple, usable, and adept.

The subject depends on the course, but the knowledge and its accompanying skills, such as document analysis and interpretation, are prevalent in the exam.


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