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“Yet being deficient in emotional intelligence (EQ) can be a great disadvantage in society.” El Kaliouby was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in the Middle East.When she started her Ph D in Computer Science at Cambridge University in England, few did research in artificial emotional intelligence.

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A renowned academic in computer vision, Li recently joined Google Cloud as Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to advance her mission of “democratizing AI”. in Physics from Princeton and a Ph D in Electrical Engineering from Caltech, Li has published over 150 scientific papers in top-tier journals and conferences and built Image Net, a 15 million image dataset that contributed to the latest developments in deep learning and AI.

She continues to act as an Associate Professor at Stanford, where she directs both the Stanford AI Lab and Stanford Vision Lab. Li points out that locking up talent and knowledge in academia and giant companies damages computing diversity, reduces creativity and innovation, and exposes the marginalized to injustice and unfairness.

But you might not have met the brilliant AI researchers and technologists driving the edge of innovation.

Incredible breakthroughs occur when talented and diverse thinkers collaborate, pooling together unique backgrounds, disciplines, expertise, and perspectives.

Her non-profit, AI4ALL, supports K-12 education programs for underrepresented groups in AI.

“Technology could benefit or hurt people, so the usage of tech is the responsibility of humanity as a whole, not just the discoverer.Through continued passion, advocacy, and demonstrable technical progress, el Kaliouby defined the field of “emotion AI” and co-founded Affectiva, where she leads as CEO.Affectiva’s technology has proven transformative for industries like automotive, market research, robotics, education, and gaming, but also for use cases like teaching autistic children emotion recognition and nonverbal social cues.“In the case of Street View, we needed to blur faces and license plates for privacy protection.Getting the detection accuracy high enough was a hard real-world problem and Street View couldn’t be launched unless we solved it.” Frome is currently Director of Research at Clarifai, a leading computer vision company.Holistic and inclusive thinking is even more important in the field of AI, where our inventions have pervasive and exponential impact.This list of 20 leading women in AI research is not comprehensive.Her ultimate goal is to enable computers to understand visual input the way humans do and make accurate predictions about the world around them.  “The field of AI has traditionally been focused on computational intelligence, not on social or emotional intelligence,” explains Rana el Kaliouby.I am a person before I'm an AI technologist.”   During her 18 years as a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford, Daphne Koller authored over 200 publications in top scientific journals and won an innumerate number of awards for academic breakthroughs and excellence in education.She went on to co-found Coursera, the world’s largest online education platform, and now serves as Chief Computing Officer at Calico Labs, an Alphabet (Google) R& D company studying the biology of aging and developing interventions for longer and healthier lives.


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