A Deserted House Essay

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Ruth Said This but Mary Said That: Writing Family History (originally posted --- June 21, 2012)More from Linda about writing your family history.A companion piece to the December 2011 Home Page Message.2 All within is dark as night: In the windows is no light; And no murmur at the door, So frequent on its hinge before.3 Close the door, the shutters close, Or thro' [1] the windows we shall see The nakedness and vacancy Of the dark deserted house.4 Come away: no more of mirth Is here or merry-making sound.

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The Evening Show, Starring Crow and Rabbit (originally posted --- May 1, 2013)Linda learns a lesson from some common Great Plains animals: dance for joy and astonish those who are watching.

Cora’s Pincushion Penguin: Writing Solitude (originally posted --- March 20, 2013)Linda writes about the necessary solitude and calm that precedes and creates writing, and why good writing requires solitary thought.

Lammas: Celebrating the Season of Regret and Farewells, of Harvest and Preservation (originally posted --- August, 2012)Linda explains how you can "celebrate" regrets and farewells.

Learn how harvesting and preservation apply not only to your garden but also to your writing life.

If this link does not work-- some web-browsers are incompatible or perhaps your computer is blocking pop-ups-- copy and paste this email address into your email system:[email protected] send Linda a letter: Linda M.

A Deserted House Essay

Hasselstrom PO Box 169Hermosa SD 57744 What's Here? All have photos, some have recipes, a few have poems.Christmas and Xmas, Solstice and Pagans (originally posted --- December 21, 2014)Linda ponders the different ways many cultures have celebrated the Winter Solstice through the centuries.Includes Linda's poem “Hymn for the Winter Solstice.”The Samhain Trumpet: The Great Horned Owl Announces Summer’s End (originally posted --- October 31, 2014)The owl’s hunting cry signals the end of life and its new beginning just as Samhain signals the last warm wisps of autumn as we head into winter.Gleaning as Writing, Writing as Gleaning (originally posted --- September 22, 2012)Linda writes of specific instances of gleaning and how gleaning has become a philosophy of life and a benefit to her writing.This essay is the full and un-cut version of the essay that appears in the book Going Green: True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers, edited by Laura Pritchett, University of Oklahoma Press, 2009.Celebrate Autumn with Lughnasad (originally posted --- August 1, 2014)Regret and farewell, harvest and preservation: these are the four key words of Autumn.Instead of making your autumn poem a lament, however, read Linda's suggestions for celebrating the richness and beauty of this End-of-Summer season. Read about the criticism by an editor Linda received and the water revelation she had that made her writing better.See the August 1, 2013 message called What Rain Makes: Turning Regret Into Harvest.Summer Solstice: Fragments of Glass and Shell (originally posted --- June 21, 2013)Linda recounts some of her recent trip to Maine.Besides being rested and refreshed by getting away from her usual life, Linda may very well gain inspiration from her experiences, the "scribbled notes" in her travel journal, and the fragments she picked up along the way.


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