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When we went outside to water the plants at the entrance, our water cans were empty! That’s when I noticed the flowers at the entrance were gloomy. Then at science we were learning about photosynthesis. When I opened my water bottle, it was completely empty. After school I explained everything to my older sister, Sofia.

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All this requires budget planning and a sense of understanding of mathematics so that you can accomplish the different tasks successfully.

From the traveling distance to its cost, bus tickets, hiring cabs etc all requires maths.

In the field of banking – This is the sector where a number of concepts of mathematics are applied and therefore the experts need to have a good understanding and command of the subject.

Handling the transactions of the bank is not simple and you need to have some knowledge of mathematics in order to maintain your account, deposit and withdraw money etc.

That is why it is necessary to have a good understand of the subject.

Though the basics of mathematics start from school but its usage continues till we become adults and thus it can be said that maths has become an integral part.Also read: Importance of education Use in kitchen – While preparing food, we always measure the different ingredients so as to cook the desired quantity only. If we were not aware of the numbers, it would not have been possible to measure, make adjustments and cook tasty food.So you can say that our day begins with the concept of maths.If you wish to take a loan, you need to have an idea about the interest you will have to pay and what will be the monthly premium that you would need to pay.In short, the banking sector is completely related to maths and so even the customers need to be familiar with it. When I brushed my teeth, I noticed there was no water coming out of the sink. “Remember, we will be going to the beach,” he explained. SUEZ was pleased to partner with the Hooper Avenue Elementary School in Toms River, NJ for Imagine a Day Without Water last week. “Well that’s strange, maybe someone is messing with the plumbing,” I wondered. Around 120 students from the fourth grade presented essays on “A Day Without Water,” and three prizes were awarded to the top submissions. Shopping – When going for shopping, we prepare a list of items we require, calculate the amount of money needed for it etc.All this calculation is based on numbers which come from mathematics.


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