8d Problem Solving Techniques

8d Problem Solving Techniques-20
Just don’t make the mistake of thinking 8D is a paperwork exercise a quality person can complete from their desk.This step involves gathering details and data to describe the problem completely, another area where people have a lot of trouble.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking 8D is a paperwork exercise a quality person can complete from their desk.

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This overview looks at 8D best practices and pitfalls to avoid, helping manufacturers better understand how to use the method to address nonconformances and reduce risk.

Before you take any action to solve the problem, you need a plan to identify the appropriate people and resources for the job.

It is not uncommon for Managers to expect staff and new hires to be capable of fixing workplace problems.

However, problem-solving outcomes are impacted because staff are not provided the time to think or trained in basic problem-solving methods such as PDCA, Six Sigma and 8D.

Sorting mixed parts or cleaning up a mess addresses only the symptoms of the problem, not its root cause.

The result: repeat problems, rising costs and potential loss of business.Brainstorming sessions combined with tools like can help organize ideas based on their relationships and determine the most effective course of action.It’s worth noting that six steps into the 8D method is when you’re finally ready to implement the corrective action, highlighting the key role of planning in this method.Once the ‘Act’ phase has been completed, the cycle should start again and live on as a continuous improvement tool.8D was first introduced by the US Government as a problem-solving tool for the automotive industry.The aim is to use cross-functional teams to find the root cause of a problem, devise a short-term fix, and implement a long-term solution to prevent problems from recurring.In some cases, you may need new processes to route around the problem until you have a permanent fix.Many auto manufacturers make the error of stopping at this point, confusing containment for corrective action.At a minimum, your plan should include: Creating the team who conducts the 8D problem-solving process is a weak point for many organizations.It’s critical to include people from the department in question, since you can’t solve a problem without those who have first-hand knowledge of it.If the problem has multiple dimensions, perform steps D4 through D6 until you can verify your corrective actions have addressed the problem as a whole.Many companies rush to close the file on corrective actions, but real change only happens when you apply lessons learned to other areas to prevent future problems.


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