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" Turns out some nut broke into the station and grabbed the mike. They kidnapped me and cut off my arms, legs, penis, ears, nose, and nipples. Then a voice screamed, "Go on, ram the car in front of you! But it took over five hours that day to get into the city.

Winners have been collected in two highly praised books. In 2007 I entered for the first time, and they picked three of my entries. Between us, we were more than a third of the winners!

It quickly caught on, and created a new genre: "flash fiction." New Times (and its sister publication, the Santa Maria Sun) now receive a thousand or more entries annually, from around the world. Inside, she was tied to a stake, coals piled around.

Hidden She smeared it on her face, trying to hide the scars she'd obtained through her long, arduous life; ugly disfigurements that covered the beauty of her soul.

No one would look close enough, deep enough."Honey, is your makeup finished?

So you keep walking, talking, working, sleeping, excreting. "Would you stop torturing those poor souls in Hell? "Hell is now worse than anything I ever conceived." There are numerous ways to kill someone without leaving a trace. They keep the Jews, homosexuals, blacks and vegetarians in a concentration camp just north of Mount Pilot. Air Force bombs finally destroyed the giant, writhing, snakelike one-eyed thing.

I'd say goodbye, but what's the point, you're dead. He spoke nonstop, no sleep, no food, for the mandated three days. "I'll give you anything for your soul," the Devil told him. "When I stopped, they started doing it to each other and themselves," Satan explained. But even though I knew this, I decided to douse him with gasoline and set him on fire. "When you find him, kill him." The audience nodded. Many people cheered, until the saucer doors opened and out came creatures that looked very much like cows. Freckle-faced kids, big porches with swings, smiling faces and warm greetings wherever you go. He read about Ferdinand Demara, the "Great Imposter," who successfully masqueraded as psychologist, surgeon, lawyer, and more, before being caught. Hideous shrieks, wails, moans, of anguish, despair, rage. The 55 Fiction contest was created in 1987 by New Times, an alternative weekly in California. Inside, I unpack plastic bags containing my turds of the past few weeks. Once a month I drive to New York City and rent a motel room high over a busy sidewalk. This tool is useful when writing essays at university to determine how many pages you are required to write.The number of pages changes depending on the number of words, the font and the font size. He pushed and pulled, harder and harder."It's stuck in you pretty good," he said. "Mistake I kept to the shadows and stood in the doorway of the nursery watching my father cuddle his new son. She opened wider to accommodate him."Almost…done."She could see he was struggling. "I'll never understand men and their football.""TOUCHDOWN! It's stuck." He tugged to prove his point and Ashley yelped."It's your fault it's stuck in me! You should've been paying more attention."Ashley glared at him.The idea is simple: write a short story in 55 words or less.


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