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It’s $4 a month, and offers daily prompts as well as reminders, specific courses, and a distraction-free writing space.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a member myself, but have heard too many good reviews from people I trust not to include the site.

The Time is Now offers 3 prompts a week — one poetry, one fiction, and one nonfiction. This isn’t a prompt website at all, but I sneaked it in because this is far and away site most responsible for my writing habit.

Better still, you can filter the type of prompt you want to see based on whatever you want to write at the time. As a lost and unfulfilled writer, I found 750 words.

I can already see my daughters writing improving simply because of the interest and time she has spent on this book.

It's actually distracted her from technology which is wonderful. Great prompts for kids to help improve their creative writing skills.I purchased this book for my 10-year-old daughter and was amazed how much she loves it.Each prompt has different amounts of space so if she had a few minutes, shewould choose a short prompt.This is great because it forces her to be concise and think her answer though to finish.I purchased this book for my daughter to help improve her writing and creative skills. The book has 365 prompts which start with easier and get harder as the book develops.I'm giving one every other day to my kids and they absolutely love it.The prompts are fun, engaging and appear to get a little harder as the book progresses.And let’s face it, that’s pretty much the dream for every writer.Daily Page comes in as the only paid option on this list.The prompts provided my daughter with a lot of fun and have certainly helped with her writing and creativity .Each prompt has different amounts of space so if she had a few minutes, shewould choose a Great Book! Some of the prompts are very creative focusing on developing creativity, while others are more general which simply seem to focus on writing and entertainment.


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